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Wild about animals

Anyone who knows me will lnow I am wild about animals of all types. Marketers may take a principled stand about how they show humans in advertsing but no consideration has been given to animals.

A new united Nations Development Programme ( UNDP) has developed " The Lion's Share Fund" .

Advertisers can help bring sustainable improvement to our planet’s biodiversity.

Through The Lion’s Share Fund, the corporate world can now make a small contribution each time an animal appears in their ads, raising money for wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Animals feature in around 20% of all advertising.  The goal is to raise more than £75million by getting companies to contribute 0.5% of any spending which will be invested in wildlife conservation and animal welfare programmes. 

For those that sign up to the Lions Share , each time an animal appears in advertising, the company responsible will make a contribution of 0.5 percent of the ad’s media spend to The Lion’s Share, which will in turn ensure that those funds are invested in initiatives and programs that benefit animal welfare, conservation and their environments worldwide.Cartoon animals will aso count when used in ads. 

What a great idea. Certainly a key question to ask your agency! 

Wilma  little pony