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Telling your story well!

As an alumni of Cranfield School of Management I always read their blog posts. I was inspired by the recent blog by Dr Theodores, " Perform, not inform".

We all live in a busy frenetic world with millions of messages through many channels of communication - from social media , digital through to terrestrial and satellite TV advertising.  

So how do you get your voice heard?

Charles Handy said "to be successful in business think theatre!". 

Energy, belief, enthusiasm all count when making connections. This doesnt happen by accident - practice and preparation are crucial.

As Dr Theodores says:

"When you are at your best in communicating  great things can happen, that’s when:

  • You connect with your customers and build relationships more effectively
  • Your team feels motivated and empowered
  • Talented people in the organisation’s pipeline raise their visibility
  • You can climb out of your default zone and recharge your presentations when they’ve become “stale, flat and unprofitable”
  • Your team can unlock more creativity, recharge the vision and reinvest in the messages.

In addition:

  1. Be passionate about your subject – science shows that you cannot inspire people unless you are inspired yourself.
  2. Lean down  – less is more so distill your ideas, the more you add in the more people forget.
  3. Be open, authentic and honest – if you pretend to be someone you’re not you’ll fail to gain people’s trust.
  4. Rehearse – Rehearse aloud, not in your head, as this keeps you from investing in your voice!

I am really lucky I work with a variety of organaisations who truly love what they do and are passionate about what they offer. It is really easy to help them deliver powerful communication strategies and engage with their audiences to generate long-term customer relationships..