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Staggering stats for the UK’s Creative Industries

Creative Industries are punching well above their weight in the UK. The recent Creative Industries report by Create UK has calculated that the sector generated £71.4 BILLION gross value added in 2012. This is a 9.4% increase and surpasses any other sector.This means 1.86million jobs within the sector and a further 866,000 in creative occupations outside the sector, plus of course the supply chain in 2012.

In real terms £1 of advertising generates £6 for the economy, so a staggering £16billion spent in 2011 generated £10billion for the economy.

Some key facts:


·         15,000 students are studying architecture

·         Craft industries are thriving – employing around 100,000 people

·         The Uk has the second largest design sector in the world – it accounted for £131 million of exports in 2011

·         In 2012 British films earned $5.3 billion – 15% of global box office

·         Fashion is estimated to contribute £46 billion to the economy

·         IT and software increased employment by 15% between 2011 – 2012 to over half a million jobs

·         The UK games sector is thriving

·         The UK is home to some of the world’s  largest publishing companies with an estimated value of £10billion, with 40% of that generated from exports

·         The UK music industry generates around £3.5 billion globally

·         The arts sector created around £3.5 gross value added


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