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Influencer Marketing

Big brands can be desperate to reach certain audiences. Those celebs and people with large social media followings  are now being paid now to mention and sell products/brands. Buying followers can be very misleading and indeed you can now see page after page of websites offering real people to add numbers to Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook  - any social media platform. 

A recent article in the Sunday Times (1st July 2018) called this "Meet the Kardashiklones" and highlighted that millenials can spend up to 3 hours a day starting at their screens ( is that all?), checking their phone 100 times day. British provider "Greedier Social Media" promises that for £9.99 a month it can add 25 Instagram Followers each day to give the impression of organic growth. For £3,500 it can add 1 million followers.

Buying a following is only the first step - brands need engagement. Kim Kardashian has 113million Instagram followers can pull in $500,000 for one post. However follower fraud is increasing. 

In 2018 British brands will spend £3.3bn on social media advertising and now some of this is being invested on Influencers. David Wolfe. founder of Leesa one of the mattress in box start ups hired 100 influencers this year, two from each of the American States, a more affordable alternative to an expensive campaign. 

This approach needs a lot more content and more promotional material. Brands need to be careful of that these influencers are genuine and not just "bots".

Recently Casper Lee, a social media star in London borrowed a friend's Mercades and a digger and filled the car with Maltesers.The 5 minute video has been viewed more than 3m times on Lee's YouTube Channel, for which Lee was paid  £115,000! ! Nice work if you can get it , and also lots of chocolate!