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Hooray for UK Farming

A new report from Development Economics published in the NFU magazine reveals that for every £1 invested in our farming £7.40 is returned to the economy.

Tremendous stats underline the cruical economic impact made by our farmers. These include:

  • £24bn revenue contributed to the UK economy in 2015
  • £46bn contribution to the UK economy by UK agriculture in 2015
  • £15,3bn spent by farmers on goods and services
  • £21bn value of recreational visits to rural Britain
  • 475,000 people employed in UK agriculture
  • 900,000 hectares of woodland on UK farmland
  • 478,000 ponds are located on UK farmland
  • 373,000km of hedgerows are on UK farmland
  • 10% of the UK's renewable electricity is generated on UK farmland
  • 70% of UK rural land is managed by farmers


Lets make sure our farmers are supported !!