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Customer Insight

Research from the CIM suggests that we all see over 1500 marketing messages a day, maybe more !! What an onslaught and potential sensory overload.  Products and services have to fight to be seen.

We're busier than ever before- not just with emails but Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest. Traditional TV is now a plethora of channels- terrestrial, cable, which channel? Are Press adverts still read?

Media proliferation has been acompanied by audience fragmentation. To attract attention and be noticed, marketeers have to be selective, be creative and relevant and really know their customers. Messages have to matter.

Customer insight is critical. Companies, no matter how large or small,  need to ensure that this is an essential part of the marketing strategy and plan. Those who take part and invest their time and energy deserve to be recognised for their contribution and marketeers need to make sure that valuable insight is used to inform compay processes and procedures.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will help identify the preferred channels of communication and by communicating relevant messages we can build trust and place our customers at heart of our marketing .