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South Devon College Grand Opening by Dame Kelly Holmes

We were commissioned to organise the South Devon College Grand Opening with high profile and inspirational guest of honour. The event needed to appeal to students, staff, business, the community and celebrate the opening of a fanstastic facility. The event needed to firmly place South Devon College as a centre of excellence and achievement.  

The Context

South Devon College had invested in a new campus and needed to launch the campus at Vantage Point with a high profile personality who would communicate effectively with the audience of students, staff, business and community. In addition, each Department needed to open their own facilities.

The Solution

We provided a compelling proposition to Dame Kelly Holmes as to why she should come and open South Devon College. Once Dame Kelly had agreed, a grand opening was arranged in the morning with Dame Kelly Holmes followed by independent departmental openings in the afternoon with high profile industry guests. An all day event! Chocolate Dog Marketing Services worked closely with a large College team on guest lists, coordination of the grand opening, the departmental openings, running orders and PR including photography with Roy Riley.

“General Sue, I want to thank you so much for helping to make the day so special for all of us.  Everything ran like clockwork and this was very much a team effort, but your unique experience and guidance added an extra special dimension that will last a long time.

 Front page on the Herald Express this morning. TV coverage last night.

Everyone here is delighted. Yesterday was a triumph of planning with a little bit of external assistance on the weather! You all made it possible and I want to thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm and sheer energy, which made yesterday the most wonderful day for all of us”.

Heather Maxwell, Principal

“I had my doubts once or twice that it would ever come together or hang together, but it did, beautifully. The day was a raging success for visitors, students and staff from across the whole college.  It was hard work for all closely involved but we like that and it fits in with the spirit of what DKH was saying.”

Malcolm Walsh, Head of Department