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Media and Communications for RAF St Mawgan

In eighteen months RAF St Mawgan went through challenging times from drawdown and impending closure to the relocation of the Defence Survival Training Organisation (DSTO) and Defence Training Estates (DTE) . This produced substantial confusion nationally and locally so it was important to develop and implement a PR Strategy and implement a regular communications plan.

The Context

It was important to ensure that national security issues were considered and that at times international events would impact on the Station. This involved working with MOD staff in the region and at Main Building to communicate key messages. From 2009 RAF St Mawgan became the home of the tri-service DSTO operation and in 2010 cadets and front line troops would use RAF St Mawgan for training and development, often for weeks at a time.

The Solution

Following a review of the Ministry of Defence's national PR Strategy we developed a pro- active Station PR Strategy.

  • communicate the activity of the Station to regional and local media by regular media releases ( 3-4 times per month) focusing on activities and individuals at St Mawgan
  • raise the profile of RAF St Mawgan with all Defence organisations, primarily through RAF News but also Defence Focus, Navy News and Soldier as appropriate
  • build relationships with local stakeholders and influencers through regular updates, briefings and events such as the Station Reception and the Royal Cornwall Show
  • Build relationships with local reporters and editors through an annual briefing
  • Update information on Wikipedia and the web site
  • Monitor digital media
  • Prepare a reputational risk strategy for sensitive aspects of operational activity