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DML Stakeholder Research

DML (now Babcock Marine) is one of the largest businesses in Devon and Cornwall. As such, the company required specific insights into developing a sensitive area of their business. Chocolate Dog Marketing Services were commissioned to carry out this research and report back. This was the first time such a study had been commissioned and the challenge was to provide informed unbiased information to the highest levels of the organisation.

The Context

A highly sensitive project requiring discretion and diplomacy.

The Output

A detailed report and action plan to inform business activity.

“Thank you for becoming involved in what must have seemed at the beginning to be an unusual set of challenging objectives requiring particular research into an area that is, by its nature, both sensitive and secretive and in a very competitive market. Through your research, you managed to gain access to useful, objective information valuable both in helping us revise our strategies and plan for the future. The 100% turnout at your presentation demonstrated the growing corporate interest in your work for us. My thanks for your efforts and I look forward to working with you again."
Richard Ball, Marketing Manager, Naval Marketing Manager, then DML Group (now Babcock Marine)