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The Architect's Design Group

The economic downturn represented a threat to many businesses, particularly those linked to the development and construction sector. It was important to analyse the market and identify key sectors that would grow over the short and mid term.

The Context

It was important to focus company marketing on those areas that would bring a return, identifying key sectors, targeting new business, whilst maintaining customer relationships with long established clients. Company messaging was reviewed to ensure that the unique specialism's and expertise was effectively communicated and would make the maximum impact.           

The Solution

Sue worked with the team to assess the impact of the changes to the market and develop a targeted marketing plan and communications plan.

"We have worked with Sue for over 5 years on our marketing strategy and plans for business growth.Sue has given us invaluable help and support in achieving our corporate objectives and developing our communications, coaching all our team and focussing on our business outputs.

Sue has connected us with key individuals and influencers in the South West and contributed to a growing bank of connections.

Sue is highly recommended."

Phil Burgess, Group Director